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connect Nine.SolidRusT.net:28015

SRT 5x NoBP - Solo/Duo/Trio

connect nine.solidrust.net:28015

This server is a fast paced 5x with custom mods.
  • Map Wipe every MONDAY 10AM-PST
  • Full wipe on the first THURSDAY of the month
  • Max group size of 10 players, including alliances
  • 70min Days, 10min Brighter Nights
  • Kits, Skins, Spawn Mini/Sedan/Recycler
  • Craft your own recycler,
  • Raidable Bases / Roaming NPC Raiders
  • 5x Gather, Improved stack sizes
  • No Blueprints, larger workbench area
  • Supply Drops, airdrops and custom NPC events
  • Custom Loot tables, Recycle any item for useful mats
  • Additional monument puzzles and utilities
  • 5 additional custom radio stations (live DJs)
  • Realistic weather, health effects, bullet impact and explosions

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ipv6 ready